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Monday, 5 October 2009
Hot off the press

The author’s copies of my new book The Civil War in Spotsylvania County: Confederate Campfires at the Crossroads arrived today. This 160-page title is my fifth published overall, and my second release with The History Press. I must say that I am very proud of the finished product. I will be setting up some signings and lectures in the future. Check back for bookings. In the meantime you can order at, Barnes & Noble, or direct from THP’s website.

Here’s the teaser: From 1861 to 1865, hundreds of thousands of troops from both sides of the Civil War marched through, battled and camped in the woods and fields of Spotsylvania County, earning it the nickname 'Crossroads of the Civil War.' When not engaged with the enemy or drilling, a different kind of battle occupied soldiers boredom, hunger, disease, homesickness, harsh winters and spirits both broken and swigged. Focusing specifically on the local Confederate encampments, renowned author and historian Michael Aubrecht draws from published memoirs, diaries, letters and testimonials from those who were there to give a fascinating new look into the day-to-day experiences of camp life in the Confederate army. So huddle around the fire and discover the days when the only meal was a scrap of hardtack, temptation was mighty and a new game they called 'baseball' passed the time when not playing poker or waging a snowball war on fellow compatriots.

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