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Thursday, 11 June 2009
Lights. Camera. History.

This afternoon I met with an associate of mine to discuss our upcoming TV spots for Stafford County public programming. Without giving away all the details, I was informed that we have been able to acquire a large collection of digital stock video footage from a generous donor that will be spliced together with the ‘live’ segments that we plan to shoot on site. In addition to ‘official’ tourism spots, we are also going to be producing some hi-end episodes of “The Naked Historian,” which is being expanded beyond the borders of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania to include Stafford County. This project will be fully underway by July. Before then, I’ll continue to shoot my own versions of TNH to entertain the masses. This weekend I’ll be out at Chancellorsville Battlefield shooting a special two-part episode. Stay tuned as I will be posting the videos here. This project is in addition to the documentary that I am helping to produce with a movie company out of GA. We begin shooting this summer with a full crew and local experts.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009
Archaeological Resources Protection Act ?

Me: ...I am researching Confederate encampments in Spotsylvania County and the surrounding region. My friends at the National Park Service suggested that I query you in regards to obtaining copies of any information about registered sites, in the Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg region that were designated as Confedederate camps. It is my hope we can use this data to put together a general map of possible locations…

VA Dept. of Historical Resources: ...Thank you for your interest in Virginia's historic resources. Unfortunately, detailed information related to archaeological sites is protected under the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (1979). This information is only available to professional archaeologists or cultural resource management professionals...

Anyone out there a professional archaeologist or cultural resource management professional - whatever that means?

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Sunday, 7 June 2009
Sharing Spotsylvania

UPDATE 6/8: Today I had the privilege of assisting with a tour for Congressman Rob Wittman on behalf of the National Civil War Life Foundation. Our host group consisted of Terry Thomann, Director of the Civil War Life Soldier’s Museum; Col. Horace McCaskill, Chairman of the National Civil War Life Foundation (w/ me as Vice Chair); Bill Vakos III, President of W.J. Vakos Management Company; Jerry Logan of the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors; Rachel DeLooze, the Tourism Coordinator for Spotsylvania County; and two members of Congressman Wittman’s staff.

After a special tour of the current museum location and collection, a brief presentation was given on the NCWLF’s vision to construct an all-inclusive Civil War Museum that intentionally caters to no niches. We then drove out to the site location at the Courthouse Village development near the Spotsy Court House. The congressman was impressed with a coalition of preservationists and developers coming together to create a mutually beneficial community plan. He also applauded our museum’s dedication to showcasing personal stories that visitors can actually relate to instead of the same-old historical exhibits and interpretations.

All in all I believe it was a very successful day and we look forward to the Congressman Wittman’s assistance with obtaining the necessary grant proposals. (Due to press release issues I am only able to post photos that I took on my blog. I’m not in them.)

Terry Thomann gives Congressman Wittman a tour of the current museum.

Bill Vakos III outlines the Courthouse Village plan on site.


The NCWLF presents Congressman Wittman with
a wet-plate photograph taken at Massaponax Church.

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Friday, 5 June 2009
How cool is that?

Today is the official unveiling of Mort Künstler’s newest painting “The Autograph Seekers of Bel Air.” I’ve written about Mort several times in the press, but this time I got to write for him. This print represents my first commission from Mort Künstler Inc., in which I penned the copy for the Certificate of Authenticity, promotional brochure, magazine advertisement and dealer selling point paper. It’s a real thrill for me as 12 years ago I stood in line for 2 hours just to shake Mort's hand.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009
Stay tuned for next week's episode

This morning I received an email from a visitor who wrote, “Hey where’s the new Naked Historian?” I appreciate the interest very much and all I have to say is patience… my son graduates from Massaponax High School on Friday and I have 35+ people coming to the house this weekend. I’m a little busy.

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