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Tuesday, 23 August 2011
Silent storytellers

I have always been enamored by our nation’s historical flags. America's flags are cherished symbols that have become synonymous with the events at which they flew. Today, many of them remain the principle image that the general public uses to acknowledge history whether in a positive or negative light. From the ongoing controversy surrounding the Confederate Battle Flag, to the Tea Party movement’s acquisition of the Gadsden Flag, these hallowed banners still elicit an emotional response.

America's early political and wartime flags resonate just as much today as they ever did due to the fact that they mean many different things to many different people. Some citizens may look at a particular flag and see oppression, while others see freedom. Some may see the struggle of their ancestors, while others might see the conviction of their forefathers. Both are right in their personal interpretations.

Our country has a plethora of flags, many from the Revolution and Civil War. These banners represent the struggle of a nation, first to establish its independence and then to maintain itself as one union. It does us well to preserve them for future generations as they visually represent our collective past. Below are two opening title sequences (John Adams and Gods and Generals) that brilliantly capture the drama and diversity of America’s flags.

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