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Friday, 16 October 2009
Taking requests

As the start date for my new job with the U.S. Marshals approaches, I have found myself eagerly anticipating the many changes that will now affect my work day. Perhaps the biggest adjustment will come in the form of the commute. Not one to sit still much, I have been looking at constructive ways to pass the time on the train. In addition to reading, music has always been a great traveling companion of mine. Recently I re-discovered Classical music. While in school, I developed a serious liking to instrumental film soundtracks that led to my appreciation of the master composers. Over the years, I moved away from the genre, but after coming back, I feel a renewed vigor and appreciation for it. Perhaps I'm finally cool with being un-cool. (Apparently this is nothing new, as my kids have known I'm a geek for years.)

Until recently, I always listened to Talk Radio, but that forum had become so politically charged and divisive, I could hardly stand a minute of it. Frankly, it made me angry, so one day I tuned into a local Classical station as I traveled to and from work. Amazingly, the music had a tremendous calming affect on me and I began to feel incredibly relaxed and replenished. When I got home, I loaded my entire iPod with my Classical CD collection including symphonies from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Handel. It was as if I was reacquainting myself with an old friend. I am fortunate that Virginia gets one of the top Classical public radio stations in the country WETA 90.9 FM. Now I find myself listening to Classical as I write and I think my output is improving.

I hope that my musical knowledge and tastes will continue to evolve as I spend more time listening to this style. I know I have plenty of "high-brow" readers out there, so please feel free to recommend any concertos, sonatas or symphonies that you think I may enjoy. The historian in me is especially interested in compiling the kinds of tunes that our Founding Fathers enjoyed. I wonder what was on Jefferson's iPod?

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