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Monday, 11 February 2013
What happened?

It seems to me that the Civil War blogosphere has transformed from a spirited community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the preservation and presentation of history to some kind of no-man’s land where bloggers and readers try to out-comment one another. Spend just a few minutes surfing around the web and it becomes painfully apparent that most Civil War blogs have digressed into an angry forum that has pitted, academics, amateurs, students, scholars and everyone in between against one another. These ongoing debates of history versus heritage, flagging, lost causers, etc. has frankly given me a headache and at times, bored me to tears. Most of the time these heated discussions aren’t even about history, they’re about bolstering an individual’s politics. The argument itself has become king. This is incredibly unfortunate and quite ironic given that fact that we are commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War while simultaneously conducting our own version online. I'm out.

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013
Yep, I'm a Swinger.

Someone emailed today and asked me to post some drum videos. I don’t have anything professionally produced yet but here are some sloppy spots that I shot on my iPhone while practicing. The lighting is terrible but the sound is decent and provides a peek into the style of music I like to play (big band). I like to record and watch these back when I rehearse as it helps me to develop stick and brush fills that I later use in swing tunes. Even after 20+ years I still don’t feel that I have adequate improv skills yet and like to prepare (ie. draft) my solo parts in advance. Must be the writer in me. Enjoy…


Gene Krupa-Style Boogie:


Brush Solo:
Swing Time:

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Next book underway...

Even though we are currently working on our own independent book projects, Eric and I are very excited to have started the follow-up to You Stink!. The working title is Baseball’s “Could Have Beens”: Major League Mishaps, Misfortunes, and Mistakes. This book presents 30 mini-biographies of ballplayers who had a ton of potential, but whose careers were cut short from a variety of factors. It also includes detailed studies of 10 major league teams who collectively fell short of expectations for a variety of reasons. The book will be published by Kent State University Press and we have already compiled the statistics portion, which is one of the most popular aspects of our first book and made us a Top-10 Amazon Best-Seller (Kindle Edition) in the 'Baseball Statistics' category. Here are the candidates:


  1. Addie Joss
  2. Bill Lange
  3. Bo Jackson
  4. Bob Moose
  5. Cory Lidle
  6. Darryl Kile
  7. Dave Dravecky
  8. Don Wilson
  9. Eddie Grant
  10. Eddie Waitkus
  11. Harry Agganis
  12. Harry O’Neil
  13. Herb Score
  14. J.R. Richard
  15. Jimmey Piersall
  16. Josh Gibson
  17. Ken Hubbs
  18. Len Koenecke
  19. Lyman Bostock
  20. Mark Mulder
  21. Mike Powers
  22. Nick Adenhart
  23. Pete Reiser
  24. Ray Chapman
  25. Ray Fosse
  26. Smokey Joe Wood
  27. Steve Blass
  28. Steve Olin and Tim Crews
  29. Tony Conigliaro
  30. Jackie Mitchell


  1. 1906 Chicago Cubs
  2. 1940s Red Sox
  3. 1950s Brooklyn Dodgers
  4. 1954 Cleveland Indians
  5. 1981 Cincinnati Reds
  6. 1987 Cleveland Indians
  7. 1980s Oakland A’s
  8. 1990s Pittsburgh Pirates
  9. 1990s-2000s Atlanta Braves
  10. 2001 Seattle Mariners

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Monday, 28 January 2013
Stay tuned...


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Friday, 25 January 2013
You Stink! now on Kindle

2012-2013 Amazon Best-Seller: Top 100 ‘Baseball’ and Top 10 ‘Baseball Statistics’ categories. Now available in both Paperback Edition and improved Kindle Edition 

For every champion’s record-setting season, there has been an equally memorable story of defeat. These teams and their shameful contributions to America’s national pastime have been a neglected topic in the annals of baseball history. Until now. You Stink! includes franchise origins, detailed stats, player profiles, photos, and more, as well as a collection of long-format essays in a “Hall of Shame” that recognizes some of the worst moments ever witnessed on a ball field.  

For more information, visit the You Stink! Blog or You Stink! Facebook page. Authors are now booking signings and speaking engagements for 2013. Email Here

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