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Wednesday, 8 July 2009
I’m rollin’ through my To-Do list

And things are going almost too well. This week I finished a review of Jane Hollenbeck Conner’s new book “Sinners, Saints, and Soldiers in Civil War Stafford,” which will be running in the Free Lance-Star on Saturday, I also recorded three new “Off the Beaten Path” radio spots for News Talk 1230 AM, which will begin running Thurs., I drafted the certificate and promo copy for Mort Kunstler’s upcoming fall release, completed the organization of photos for my Confederate camp book and finally scheduled the NPS interviews and site locations for a documentary film project that I am working on. The director and crew arrive here in Fredericksburg on July 27th to begin filming and I’ll finally be able to share the details and some pics then. The local paper is also covering the event. Links and updates to these items will be posted here as they come about.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009
I‘m sorry but I have to comment on this…

Let me preface my post by saying that I agree 100% that Michael Jackson was extraordinarily talented and his untimely death is a real tragedy. I grew up in the MTV age when his videos ruled the world and I even own a copy of Thriller. That said, the excessive coverage of his passing is becoming disturbing. Below is a screen capture I took of the front page of at 3:35 pm on Tuesday. EVERY-SINGLE headline and link is about Michael Jackson. What does this say about America’s attention and priorities? When we look back at ‘our time’s’ history will stories like this trump real-world affairs? Is this the only news the media deems important. This is CNN, not VH1... 

And just to prove my point... here is another screen capture taken exactly 1-hour later. Apparently no other significant news has taken place in the world. Really?


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Monday, 6 July 2009
Hall of Presidents reopens

As I mentioned below, the Aubrecht clan just spent nine amazing days on a dream vacation to Walt Disney World. During our trip the ONLY disappointment we experienced was the unexpected closure of the Hall of Presidents, my all-time favorite attraction, and Space Mountain, one of my wife’s most eagerly anticipated rides. Following a special Fourth of July ceremony in which 1,000 new American citizens were sworn in, the HOP officially reopened to rave reviews. In addition to the new President Obama animatronic, the entire program has been upgraded including a new voice narration featuring Morgan Freeman. Here is an official video of the expanded cast. Those "Imagineers" are GOOD!

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Updated: Tuesday, 7 July 2009 10:19 AM EDT
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Sunday, 5 July 2009
Church on Sunday


The Naked Historian: Episode 9. Massaponax Baptist Church

This episode was filmed just up the road from The Naked Historian’s own homestead at the landmark Massaponax Baptist Church. This historic house of worship witnessed one of the most famously photographed events of the entire Civil War, Union commander U.S. Grant’s war council with Gen. George Meade. Today the original building still serves its congregation who share the exact same pews that Gen. Grant and his staff did. Next up: “Jackson Flank March Trail’ at Chancellorsville Battlefield (finally!).


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Wednesday, 1 July 2009
More radio spots

Tomorrow I will be recording several radio segments for the new ‘Quick-Take’ feature running on NewsTalk AM 1230. Travel Host magazine’s Jeff Campbell does a weekly spot showcasing local history and he has invited me to participate by highlighting noteworthy spots that are off the beaten path. The Naked Historian has allowed me to offer up some well-received video and it will be nice to also have a related radio outlet. My first segment was on the Meade Pyramid and I am following that up with the Bernard’s Slave Cabins, Salem Church and the Spotsy CSA Cemetery. In addition, the GA-based movie company that I am working with is coming to town in late-July to begin a week of shooting interviews and site-pans for our documentary project. I am really enjoying working with multi-media and it’s nice to get away from the labors of writing for a change. The time requirements are minimal and it allows me to still enjoy my newfound freedoms.

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