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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

VIA FACEBOOK: Michael, I just finished reading your book Historic Churches of Fredericksburg. First off, I’m so impressed. Take this from someone who is anything but a scholar when it comes to history and grammar, but I found it very professionally written, researched, and presented. From my perspective as someone who really knew NOTHING about Fredericksburg, its history, or the position it played in the Civil War, I found the book very informative. It was cool to get the perspective of the times almost through the ‘eyes’ of the churches themselves. It’s a perfect place for the euphemism “If these walls could talk.” I always knew that the Civil War was a brutal, dark, and awful time in our Nation’s history, but until you get to really dig into the actually stories, you just don’t get the whole picture of the atrocities that occurred. You’ve done a great job of bringing that to light. – Chris Jamison, Pittsburgh, PA

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009
A day that lives on in infamy

Birthday present from my gal pals.

Thanks Colleen, Tarver, and Liane.
You ladies know me all too well.


AND... I just received the ‘TNH’ theme song.

The Naked Historian Theme
written and performed by David Corbett
Listen Here (wav)

Oh, I'm the Naked Historian
Now that's just what I am
And I'm a-searchin' for history
Throughout this fabled land

No matter what they do
No matter what they say
I'm going to search for the history
of the gallant Blue and Gray

I'm the Naked Historian
Now that's just what I am
Oh, I'm the Naked Historian
Now that's just what I am

Oh, I'm the Naked Historian
Now -that's -just - what - I - am

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Monday, 27 April 2009
The Jersey Boys

The Naked Historian: Episode 5. 15th N.J. Vols. Marker
This episode finds The Naked Historian precariously parked on the infamous Rt.3 in Spotsylvania County where a lone monument stands amidst traffic lights and strip malls. Next episode: Meade Pyramid on the Fredericksburg Battlefield 

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Sunday, 26 April 2009
NCWLF Vice-Chairman

It was with a tremendous sense of gratitude and humility that I accepted the position of Vice-Chairman for the National Civil War Life Foundation tonight. I was aware I had been nominated, but when the vote was unanimous, I was floored. Our meeting was a two-hour session in which everyone on the board had something of significant value to share. This monumental project is coming along nicely and the tentative fund-raising initiatives, exhibit planning and educational programs are starting to come together. I am blessed to be a part of something so original and significant.

One aspect that drew me to this effort was the intentionally diverse perspective that this museum is going to present. We have ZERO agenda. The entire goal of the NCWL Museum is to represent ALL sides, military, civilian, slave, etc. In addition, we are not only going to display artifacts. We are going to give our museum’s visitors the complete back-story and conclusion.

For example, the latest gem added to our document collection is an original letter from a former slave to her master, asking that her children be hired out to her. That said, it is so much more than just a letter. Ultimately, it is a testament to the painful woes of slavery as this woman is desperately trying to get her family back. Not only were we able to procure her letter, we also had a genealogist research her family and provide us with the woman’s complete history all the way back through three other masters – up to her days as a freed woman following the Civil War.

These kinds of rare and intimate exhibits are exactly what inspires us at the National Civil War Life Foundation. Our museum will not tell the story of some random slave who penned a letter to her former owner. It will tell the story of Mrs. Amanda Holmes, a strong African-American woman who was born in Virginia, bought by a minister from Missouri who freed her, successful in purchasing her husband, and a relentless lobbyist who secured sponsors to assist her in the retrieval of their children. THAT my friends is a REAL story. THAT is what this museum is all about.

There will be lots of news to come as we continue to procure support from both politicians and celebrities. For more information on the NCWLF, visit our website (which I also maintain) at and keep an eye out for our Facebook page.

PS. I also want to reiterate my congratulations to our good friend John Cummings who was unanimously elected as Secretary tonight.

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New 'TNH' promo w/ theme song

The Naked Historian Opener
Thanks to the Battlefield Balladeers for the theme music. 

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