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Tuesday, 5 October 2010
Moving Pictures

As the personal copywriter for Civil War painter Mort Kunstler, I have a great interest in historical artwork. My favorite artist, (minus Mort of course) is John Trumbull whose paintings represent some of the most popular and recognizable images from the American Revolution. Trumbull was the gifted son of the Governor of Connecticut and a graduate of Harvard University at the age of 17. As a youngster, he showed a tremendous aptitude for drawing and it is said that his attention to detail was a result of an accident that resulted in the blinding of one eye. As a young man, Trumbull assembled an impressive resume which included positions as a second personal aide to General George Washington and a deputy adjutant-general to Gen. Horatio Gates.

In 1780, he traveled to London to study painting under the master Benjamin West. Five years later, Trumbull traveled to Paris where he began doing commissioned portraits for Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and Congress. Eventually Trumbull rose to become one of the most renowned artists of the time and in 1816, he was appointed president of the American Academy of the Fine Arts. No other artist of that era so vividly captured the epic imagery that defined our nation as Trumbull did. To this day, I still notice subtle nuances in his work and I am entertaining the idea of penning a feature on his life for a future issue of Patriots of the American Revolution.

Below are some of his most famous paintings:


The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill (1786)

The Death of Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec (1787)

The Declaration of Independence (1795)

The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton (circa 1795)

Surrender of General Burgoyne (1821)

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis (1820)

General George Washington Resigning his Commission

The Sortie from Gibraltar (1789)

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